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Mayor Wdowiasz proclaims the month of March as Spread the Word: Inclusion Month

Spread the word for Inclusion!
Mayor Kate Wdowiasz joined The Resource Center yesterday in proclaiming the month of March 2024 as "Spread the Word: Inclusion" month.
The Mayor's proclamation included that "The world would be a better place if people valued, respected and embraced all people and looked at people’s abilities instead of their disabilities. Now is our opportunity to not only tear down the discrimination and stigma of the past, but to also build an inclusive future; so that all people are valued, respected, embraced and included."
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The Resource Center team sported "Going All IN clusive" t-shirts to help push the positive campaign effort and bring knowledge and awaking to the general public regarding people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mayor Wdowiasz, along with CDBG Administrator, Nicole Clift, signed The Pledge to Go All Inclusive. Individuals at the proclamation event had the chance to share their personal experiences regarding examples of being included or excluded in their lives with the Mayor. They also got to take lots of photos with the Mayor Wdowiasz, who highlighted even though society has made strides with inclusion, there is still so much more that can be done. Beth Jermain of The Resource Center real aloud the letter from The Self Advocates of Make A Mark Group, which highlighted the important meaning of the campaign and encouraged others to take the pledge to include everyone as equals.

You too can take the pledge to go all-inclusive by going to: