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Common Council

The City of Dunkirk’s Legislative body was originally formed in 1837 as the Board of Trustees for the newly created Village of Dunkirk. In 1880 the City of Dunkirk was formed and this legislative body took on its current name, the Common Council.

The Common Council consists of 5 members elected from the community. Each of the four City Wards is represented by a Council person and the group is led and presided over by a Council person at large who represents the entire City population.

This legislative body is charged with approving the City’s Budget, presiding over the City’s Charter and other legislative matters. As of October 2, 2012 the Common Council now meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm in the City Hall Council chambers.  The Council also meets as needed throughout the year to address matters of an emergent nature. The public is encouraged to attend and participate in all council meetings.
Current Members of City of Dunkirk Common Council

Nick Wesier, Councilman at Large

Natalie Luczkowiak, First Ward Councilwoman

Abigail Yerico, Second Ward Councilman

James Stoyle, Third Ward Councilman

Nancy Nichols, Fourth Ward Councilwoman