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City of Dunkirk - Local Business Listings Directory

 Phone Number
 64 On The Pier  Dining/Bar (Americana style)  2 Central Avenue                 MEMBER
 716 Creative Design  Service (custom art printing)  20 North Main St.                              716-268-1169  
 716 The Fix & Car Wash  Service (barber/carwash)  87 Lake Shore Drive E  716-410-4936  
 A & R Ice Cream  Dining (ice cream)  7-9 Lake Shore Drive E    
 ACL Associate Clinical Laboratories  Service (quest diagnostics)  325 Park Ave.  716-203-7288  
 A W Farrell Inc.  Service (roofing & siding)  3649 Lake Shore Drive E.  716-366-4950  MEMBER
 Add Lumber True Value  Shopping (hardware)  148 Willow Drive  716-366-1622  MEMBER
 Advanced Production  Service (live event equipment)  795 Deer Street  716-366-5090  
 Adventure Transportation     Service (taxi)  428 Lake Shore Drive E  716-680-2074  
 Agricultural Transport  Service (trucking)  60-62 Franklin Avenue  716-332-1566  
 Alma Latina Mex  Dining (Puerto Rician)  17 Cliffstar Avenue  716-366-3030  
 Amcor Rigid Plastics  Service (container supplier)  1 Cliffstar Aveune  716-366-2440  
 American Legion Post 62  Non-Profit Service Club  211 Central Avenue  716-366-6262  
 Amherst Exterminators  Service (exterminators)  218 W 5th Street  716-366-2120  MEMBER
 Arly & Izzy's Catering  Dining (Puerto Rician)  3731 Lake Shore Dr E  716-401-2907  
 Artic Bites  Dining (sushi & ice cream)  415 Central Avenue   716-366-2060   
 Arono Home Essentials  Service (furniture rentals)  439 Main Street  716-366-4300  
 Attorney David Civilette  Service (attorney)  643 Central Avenue  716-366-2011  MEMBER
 Attorney Rich Morrisroe (Vandette Law PPLC)  Service (attorney)  314 Central Avenue Suite 200  716-806-3500X3  
 Attorney Scott Humble  Service (bankruptcy attorney)  643 Central Avenue  716-679-2889  
 Bart's Cove  Dining/Bar (Americana style)  1/2 Woodrow Avenue  716-366-8243  MEMBER
 Beach House Grill   Dining/Bar (Americana style)  2 Wright Park Drive   716-366-2818  
 Big Dipper Ice Cream  Dining (ice cream)  950 Central Avenue   716-366-0616  
 Big Lots Shopping  Shopping  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-366-5341  
 Big Rick's One Stop  Dining (submarine)  118 S Ocelot Street  716-363-1509  
 Blasdell Pizza   Dining (pizzeria)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-366-0040  MEMBER
 Blessed Mary Angela RC Parish  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  324 Townsend Street  716-366-2307  
 Boys & Girls Club  Non-Profit Service (youth)  704 Central Avenue  716-366-1061  
 Bracy Photo   Service (photography)  20 North Main St.  716-268-1169  
 Brooks Memorial Hospital  Service (medical center)  529 Central Avenue  716-366-1111  MEMBER
 C&M Painting  Service (painting, contractor)  526 S. Roberts Road        716-366-3169  
 Campi’s Pizza  Dining (pizzeria)  8 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-363-6161  
 Casale Plumbing & Heating  Service (plumbing/heating)  829 Brigham Road  716-366-1700  MEMBER
 Catholic Charities   Non-Profit Service (outreach)  425 Main Street                   
 Cattoo's   Service (tattoo/piercing)  4867 W Lake Rd   716-366-2706  
 Center for Elder Law & Justice  Service (attorney)  314 Central Avenue Suite 300  716-261-3275  
 Central Station Restaurant  Dining (diner)  332 Central Avenue   716-366-8463  MEMBER
 Chadwick Bay Vision Care    Service (eye care)  73 E 4th Street  716-366-4383  MEMBER
 Chamber of Commerce  Service (businesses)  10785 Bennett Road  716-366-6200   MEMBER
 Chautauqua Audio Works  Service (audio)  3335 S Roberts Rd  716-679-4333  
 Chautauqua Auto Resale & Service  Service (vehicle sales)  243 Lake Shore Drive W  716-363-2222  
 Chautauqua County Fairgrounds  Service (fairgrounds)  1089 Central Avenue  716-366-4752 MEMBER
 Chautauqua County LandBank  Service (bank/housing)  214 Central Avenue Suite 213  716-969-7843  
 Chautauqua County Partnership  Service (development)  214 Central Avenue  716-661-8900 MEMBER
 Chautauqua Health & Fitness  Service (fitness)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-363-6383  MEMBER
 Chautauqua Opportunities  Non-Profit Service (housing)  17 W Courtney Street  716-363-3333  
 Chautauqua Rural Ministries  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  319 Washington Avenue  716-366-1787  MEMBER
 Chautauqua Tennis Club  Non-Profit Service (fitness)  1078 Central Avenue  716-336-0121  
 Chautauqua Therapeutic Massage  Service (therapeutic massage)  614 Central Avenue  716-366-1656  
 China King Buffet  Dining (Chinese)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-366-8318  
 Chautauqua Center  Service (medical)  75 E Third Street  716-363-6050  MEMBER
 Chautauqua Federal Credit Union  Service (bank)  57 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-8150  
 C.H.R.I.C.  Service (housing)    716-363-4650  
 City of Dunkirk Animal Shelter  Service (dog control/dog park)  855 Main Street  716-366-2266  
 Citgo  Service (gas/convenience)  149 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-7040  
 Clarion Hotel  Service/Dining/Bar (hotel)  30 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-8350  MEMBER
 Coastal Staffing  Service (employment)  214 Central Avenue #139  716-363-2023  MEMBER
 Colour Nails & Spa  Service (nails/spa)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-413-4237  
 Columbus Club  Service (club)  416 Deer Street  716-366-0599  
 Community Bank  Service (banking)  345 Central Avenue   716-366-4223  MEMBER
 Community Eye Care Specialists  Service (eye care)  1136 Central Avenue  716-366-2033  
 Copy Boy Instant Printing  Service (printing)  13 W 3rd Street   716-366-0422  
 Country Fair  Service (gas/convenience)  150 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-7040  
 Cricket Wireless Service  Shopping (cell phone)  174 E 4th Street   716-390-9999  
 Crino Music  Shopping (music equipment)  811 Central Avenue  716-366-4800  MEMBER
 Cuevas Pub & Grill  Dining (Mexican)  182 E Second St   716-467-2591  
 CVS  Shopping (pharmacy)  175 E 4th Street                 716 268-1876  
 Dan's Moving and Storage  Service (moving)  211 W 2nd Street  716-366-7642  MEMBER
 Deborah Ferrer Design Studio  Service (Interior Design)  423 Central Ave.  716-217-0858  MEMBER
 Demetri’s On The Lake  Dining (Greek Casual & Fine Dining)  6-8 Lake Shore Drive W   716-366-4187  MEMBER
 DL Family Cab  Service (taxi)    716-400-0322  
 Dollar General  Shopping (retail goods)  164 4th Street  716-268-1876  
 Dollar General  Shopping (retail goods) 1170 Central Avenue  716-268-3315  
 Dom Polski Club  Service (club)  179 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-4443  MEMBER
 Donna's Beauty Boutique  Service (hairstylist)  67 E Doughty Street  716-363-6111  
 Dr. Raman Sood, MD  Service (medical)  617 Central Avenue  716-366-1223  
 Drab Law Office, P. C.  Service (attorney)  516 Central Avenue  716-363-6160  MEMBER
 Dunkirk Animal Clinic  Service (veterinarian)  264 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-7440  MEMBER
 Dunkirk Electric Motor Repair  Service (electric motors)  20 W Courtney Street  716-366-4353  MEMBER
 Dunkirk Falcon Club  Service (Club)  80 E Benton Street  716-366-0088  
 Dunkirk Flavors  Dining (ice cream)  99 W 4th Street   716-366-3663  
 Dunkirk Fitness  Service (fitness)  3817 Lakeshore Drive E Ste 400  716-467-2017  MEMBER
 Dunkirk Historical Museum  Non-Profit Service (museum)  513 Washington Avenue  716-366-3797  MEMBER
 Dunkirk Hose Supply  Shopping (hose assemblies)  3817 Lake Shore Drive E  716-727-2277  
 Dunkirk Lighthouse  Service (lighthouse)  1 Point Drive N  716-366-5050  
 Dunkirk Pediatrics  Service (medical)  402 Main Street                 716-366-6111  
 Dunkirk Public Library  Non-Profit Service (library)  536 Central Avenue  716-366-2511  MEMBER
 Dunkirk Rehab & Nursing Center  Service (rehab)  447 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-6710  
 Dunkirk Specialty Steel  Service (stainless wholesaler)  830 Brigham Road  716-366-1000  
 Dunkirk Yacht Club  Service (club)  80-86 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-9789  
 Dunn Tire  Service (tires)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-366-6720  
 Eagle-i Associates  Service (computer compliance)  220 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-3245  
 E Lake Erie Charter/Con Club  Service (club)  1 N Mullet Street  716-432-0198  
 Echevarria Designs LLC  Shopping (jewlery)  106 E Green Street  716-203-7432  
 ECR International  Service (furnaces)  85 Middle Road   716-366-5500  
 Ehrheart Collision  Service (mechanic)  235 Bucknor Street  716-366-6900  
 Elks Club  Service (club)  428 Central Avenue  716-366-1110  
 Ellman's Garage  Service (mechanic)  4 E Doughty Street  716-366-0808  
 Enterprise Car Rental  Service (car rentals)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)    
 Faith of Caviar Bakery  Dining (bakery)  45 Lake Shore Drive E  716-363-2003   
 Fast Times Rods   Service (fabrication)  202 W Point Avenue    
 Fidelis Care  Service (medical)  529 Central Avenue  716-343-3547  
 Filmore  Dining/Bar   221 Central Avenue  716-410-1793  
 First Baptist Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  876 Central Avenue  716-366-6634  MEMBER
 First Freight Transport  Service (freight)   279 Lake Shore Drive W   716-366-2100  
 First Presbyterian Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  19 W 4th Street   716-366-2421  
 First United Methodist Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  17 E Sixth Street  716-366-2230  
 First Ward Falcon Club  Service (club)  341 Lake Shore Drive E     716-366-5797  
 Fisher Auto Parts  Service (mechanic)  9 Lake Shore Drive W  716-203-6399  
 Flowers By Anthony  Service (flowers)  349 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-1322  MEMBER
 Foley Foley & Passafaro   Service (attorney)  93 E 4th Street   716-366-3677  MEMBER
 Friendship Baptist Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  18 E 2nd Street  716-366-7272  
 G & E Tents, Tables and Chairs  Service (rentals)  407 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-0141  MEMBER
 GL Auto Repair  Service (mechanic)  101 Central Avenue  716-203-7027  
 Good Hope Baptist Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  215 Eagle Street  716-366-1550  
 Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  W 6th & Eagle Streets  716-366-5518  
 Graf Realty Corporation  Service (realty)  435 Main Street  716-366-1611  MEMBER
 Great Lakes Physician Practice  Service (medical)  504 Central Avenue  716-366-9008  
 Grover Optical  Service (optician, eye care)  21 E. 2nd Street  716-427-6452  
 H.O.P.E. Center Service  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  23 Cliffstar Avenue  716-852-7500  
 Halas Bar  Dining/Bar  93 E 2nd Street  716-336-9805  
 Helen Suchanick DO  Service (medical)  19 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-6377  
 Hello Gorgeous  Service (salon)  515 Swan Street   716-680-0731  MEMBER
 Herbs for Life   Shopping (remedy's)  85 E 4th Street   716-679-4646  
 Holiday Harbor at Chadwick Bay  Service (marina)  30 Central Avenue  716-484-7175  
 Holy Trinity RC Church  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  1032 Central Avenue  716-366-2306  
 Holy Wong  Dining (Chinese)  174 E 4th Street   716-366-5846  
 Hometown Insurance  Service (insurance)  200 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-5033  MEMBER
 Ideal Weight Plan  Service (weight loss)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-413-4070  
 Iglesia Getsemani  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  115 Central Avenue  716-366-5943  
 Immunity Bio  Service (vaccines)  3805 Lake Shore Drive E   415-290-8045  
 Infinity Resources  Service (employment)  421 Central Avenue  716-363-0020  MEMBER
 Interbalance Day Spa  Service (spa)  91 E 4th St  716-679-4646  
 Intoxalock Ignition Interlock  Service (Intoxalock location)  800 Central Avenue  716-247-6651  
 Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium  Service (psychic)  43 W 4th Street  716-248-8296  
 Jehovah's Witnesses  Non-Profit Service (outreach)  970 Central Avenue  716-366-7670  
 Jenna’s 4th Street Café  Dining (diner)  112 E 4th Street   716-366-5360   
 Jewlery By Rachel  Shopping (jewlery)  327 Robin Street  716-410-0071  
 JMI Dunkirk Ready Mix   Service (concrete)  852 Main Street  716-363-6062  
 Katerina's  Dining (fine dining)  6-8 Lake Shore Drive W   716-366-4187  MEMBER
 Kays Kreationz  Shopping (flowers & gifts)  324 Central Ave  716-363-6444  
 Keybank  Service (banking)  51 E 4th Street   716-366-2922  
 Kids At Promise  Non-Profit Service (youth)  324 Townsend Street    
 Knights of Columbus  Service (club)  302 Lynx Street  716-366-5311  
 Kongo Charters  Service (fishing charters)  30 Lake Shore Drive E  716-785-5580  
 Kosciuszko Polish Home Club  Service (club)  252 Nevins Street  716-366-1044  MEMBER
 Kwik Fill  Service (gas/convenience)  769 Central Avenue  716-366-4757  
 L2 Engineering D.P.C.  Service (water engineering)  410 Central Avenue   716-544-9403  
 Lagana's Barber Shop  Service (barber)  159 E 4th Street  716-366-2894  
 Lakefront Novelties  Shopping (souvenirs)  22 Central Avenue  716-403-9911  
 Lake Shore Savings Bank  Service (bank)  31 E 4th Street   716-366-4070   MEMBER
 Lakeshore Grillworks  Dining (Burgers, Sandwiches)  436 Lake Shore Drive E   716-366-6600  
 Lakeshore Humane Society   Non-Profit (animal rescue)  431 E Chestnut St      716-672-1991  MEMBER
 Lakeside Club  Service (club)  93 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-0533  
 Lakeside Precision  Service (machining)  208 Dove Street #1  716-366-5030  MEMBER
 Leghicie Lashes  Service (eye lashes & facials)  427 Central Avenue  716-490-5173  
 Lena's Pizza, Subs & Wings  Dining (pizzeria)  436 Central Avenue  716-363-6040  
 Lil Ginger's Deli  Service/Dining (sandwiches, deli)  131 Central Ave.  716-679-1509  MEMBER
 L-N-J's Detail Shop  Service (mechanic)  219 Brigham Road    
 Main Street Wine & Spirits  Shopping (liquor)  159 E 4th Street                 716-366-4311  MEMBER
 Marlene's  Dining (sandwich platters)  40 E Doughty St  716-413-4508  
 Mary's Deli  Dining (pizzeria)  525 Main Street   716-366-1445  
 Matt’s News   Shopping (convenience)  93 E 3rd Street  716-366-4909  MEMBER
 Matteson Kempo Karate School  Service (karate)  323 Central Avenue  716-363-0185  
 Maurice's  Shopping (retail clothing) 1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)   716-366-2043  
 McGraw - Kowl Funeral Home  Service (funerals)  736 Central Avenue  716-366-1320  MEMBER
 Mike's Automotive  Service (mechanic)  419 Park Avenue  716-673-6528  
 Moniuszko Social Club  Service (club)  262 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-1450  
 MZ Electric   Service (electrical contractor)  70 N Martin Street                   716-785-0583  MEMBER
 Napa Auto Parts  Shopping (mechanic parts) 1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-679-9400  
 Near Me Dermatology  Service (medical)  609 Central Avenue  716-650-5720  
 NESTLE Purina  Service (animal food)  3800 Middle Road  716-366-8080  MEMBER
 Nichols' Hometown Services  Service (mechanic)  111 Eagle Street  716-366-2886  
 NCCF  Non-Profit (community)  212 Lake Shore Drive W  716-785-7172  MEMBER
 Northern Chautauqua Realty  Service (real estate)  57 Temple Street  716-672-7222  
 Northwoods-Dillenburg Insurance   Service (insurance)  1136 Central Avenue  716-366-6878  
 O’Malia’s Liquor  Shopping (liquor)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-366-3980  MEMBER
 Observer  Service (newspaper)  10 E 2nd Street  716-366-3000  MEMBER
 Off The Hook  Dining (seafood)  16 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-401-5758  MEMBER
 Ollie's Bargen Outlet  Shopping (retail merchandise)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-366-1706  
 OutKast Sportfishing   Service (fishing charters)  30 Lake Shore Drive E   716-785-0841  
 Outpour Project  Non-Profit (outreach)    716-363-2110  
 P*Dubs Pizza Wings & Things  Dining (pizzeria)  404 Central Avenue   716-363-1111  MEMBER
 Papaya Arts  Shopping (global fair gifts)  22 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-363-6985  
 Piede Tents, LLC  Service (tents, tables, chairs)  630 Central Avenue   716-363-7954  
 Pizza Village  Dining (pizzeria)  71 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-7521  
 Putnam Record Insurance Agency   Service (insurance)  77 E 4th Street  716-366-2744  MEMBER
 Ralph’s Pennzoil  Service (mechanic)  45 E 5th Street  716-366-6585  MEMBER
 Respiratory Services  Service (medical) 1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)   716-203-7029  
 RCS & Randy's Antiques Co-Op  Shopping (antiques)  212 Lake Shore Drive E   716-366-0933  
 Refresco  Service (manufacturer)  1 Cliffstar Avenue  716-366-6100  
 Rent-A-Center  Shopping (furniture rentals)  178 E 4th Street  716-366-4422  
 Revitalize Dunkirk  Non-Profit (club)  PO Box 107    
 Richard Prechtl DDS  Service (medical)  429 Central Avenue  716-366-4566  
 Rincon Criollo Food Truck  Dining (Spanish)  87 Lake Shore Dr E  716-708-9009  
 Rite Aid Shopping  Shopping (pharmacy)  1166 Central Avenue  716-366-8618  
 Robert Zimmer PC  Service (medical)  614 Central Avenue  716-366-6393  
 Robo Enterprises  Service (gas station)  435 Central Avenue  716-363-6180  MEMBER
 Rob's Affordable Tires III  Service (mechanic)  171 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-3689  
 S & T Redemption  Service (can/bottle return)  417 Central Avenue  716-413-4336  
 Safe Point Lighthouse Treatment  Service (treatment clinic)  303 Main Street                 716-413-4661  
 Salvation Army Food Pantry  Non-Profit (food pantry)  704 Central Avenue  716-366-3701  
 Salvation Army Donation Center  Non-Profit (donations)  29 Lake Shore Drive W  716-366-5246  
 Save A Lot Food Store  Shopping (grocery)  166 E 4th Street   716-366-1390  
 Schober & Schober  Service (attorney)  625 Central Avenue  716-366-3075  
 Senior Center of Dunkirk  Non-Profit (elderly assistance)  45 Cliffstar Court    
 SERVPRO of Dunkirk  Service (disaster clean-up)  418 Central Avenue  716-952-6401  MEMBER  Service (distributor)  91 E 4th Street  866-845-8850  
 House of Birria  Dining (Latin)  10 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-413-4003  
 Simply Perfect Promotions  Shopping (apparel, crafts)  213 Robin Street  716-410-1961   
 Sonwil Distribution Center  Service (warehouse)  320 S Roberts Road  716-206-1800  
 Special Metals Corporation  Service (alloy supplier)  100 Willowbrook Avenue  716-366-5663  MEMBER
 Spot on the Lake  Dining/Bar   19 Lake Shore Drive E   716-401-2907  MEMBER
 Spike Dailey’s Irish Pub  Dining (bar, grill)  18 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-672-9667  
 Stingray Allstars Cheerleading Gym  Service (Cheerleading)  295 Lake Shore Drive E.  585-244-2496  
 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish  Non-Profit (worship)  328 Washington Avenue  716-366-1750  
 St. John United Church Of Christ  Non-Profit (worship)  733 Central Avenue  716-366-0710  
 St. John The Baptist Church  Non-Profit (worship)  16 W 4th Street  716-366-1979  
 Steelbound Brewery (Clarion)  Dining (brewery, grill, Indian)  30 Lake Shore Drive E  716-366-8350  MEMBER
 S.T.E.L.   Non-profit (outreach)  715 Central Ave     MEMBER
 Stereo Clinic  Service (car electronics)  800 Central Avenue  716-366-8004  
 Studio Beauty Salon  Service (salon)  427 Central Avenue  716-366-3877  
 Sunoco  Service (gas, convenience)  435 Central Avenue  716-366-0221  
 SUNY Technology Incubator  Service (conference areas)  214 Central Avenue  716-680-6009  MEMBER
 Sydney's Sweet Treats  Dining (dessert bakery)  2 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-785-1540  
 Taqueria Mexicana At The Point  Ding (Mexican)  296 Lakeshore Drive W  716-366-4030  
 Tefft Glass LLC  Service (custom glass)  62 King Street  716-366-6911  
 Testimony Ink's Legacy  Service (tattoo, piercing)  147 Lake Shore Drive E  716-413-4023  
 The Botox Barn  Service (wellness, appearance)  744 Central Ave.  716-413-4100  MEMBER
 The Chautauqua Center  Service (medical)  1134 Central Avenue  716-363-6036  MEMBER
 The Dunkirk Motel  Service (motel)  310 Lake Shore Drive W   716-366-2200  
 The Law Firm of Daniel Gard  Service (attorney)  93 E 4th Street  716-867-7543  
 The Law Office of Richard J. Morrisroe  Service (attorney)  314 Central Avenue Suite 200  716-514-9732  
 The Resource Center  Service (adult education)  186 Lake Shore Drive  716-366-6503  
 Tim Horton’s   Dining (coffee, bakery)  92 Lake Shore Drive E  716-363-6450  MEMBER
 Times Two Charters  Service (fishing charters)  89 N Ocelot Street  716-785-3088  
 Treasures By The Lake  Shopping (gifts)  14 Central Avenue (Boardwalk)  716-363-2145   
 TW Electric   Service (electrical contractor)  112 Otter Street  716-679-6797  
 Ultrapak  Service (packaging)  134 Franklin Avenue  716-366-3654  
 United Way of NCC  Non-Profit (outreach)  626 Central Avenue  716-366-5424  MEMBER
 Universal Audiology & Hearing Aid Ctr  Service (hearing)  860 Central Avenue  716-366-1188  
 UPS Customer Center  Service (shipping kiosk)  219 Brigham Road  800-742-5877  
 US Post Office  Service (mail, shipping)  410 Central Avenue  716-366-1780  
 VA Outpatient Clinic  Service (VA clinic)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-203-6474  
 Valley Tire Pros Auto Repair  Service (mechanic)  47 Lake Shore Drive  716-366-6500  
 V's Unisex Hair Salon & Boutique  Service (salon, apparel)  3817 Lake Shore Dr E  716-203-7235   
 Wash 07  Service (car wash)  200 Central Avenue  716-785-8053  
 Waterman's Roofing & Siding  Service (roofing, siding)  18 W 2nd Street  716-366-6234  MEMBER
 Wells Food / Fieldbrook  Service (manufacturer)  1 Ice Cream Drive  716-366-5400   MEMBER
 Western Division Federal Credit Union  Service (banking)  15 W 6th Street   716-632-9328  
 Westfield Veterinary Clinic   Service (vet)  437 Main St     716-363-6373  
 Woodbury Pietro Surveying  Service (surveying)  12 E 5th Street  716-366-1990  MEMBER
 Zoom Tan  Service (indoor tanning)  1170 Central Avenue (D&F Plaza)  716-800-4003  

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