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Wilfred Rosas, 41st Mayor of the City of Dunkirk

View the Mayor’s inaugural speech here.


Mayor Wilfred Rosas was born to parents Hector Rosas Sr (deceased) and Rosalia Rosas (Gonzalez-Irizarry). Mayor Rosas has 3 siblings; Julia Snow, Hector and Roberto Rosas. He is married to wife, Rosita and they have two sons, Jordan and Jonah Rosas. Mayor Rosas was raised in the City of Dunkirk and loves this city. Mayor Rosas is honorably retired from the NYSP after 20 plus years of service. Mayor Rosas worked in many areas throughout New York State. He also worked in different units within the NY State Police, including the (S.I.U.) Special Investigations Unit, Recruitment Team and was certified as a (S.R.O.) School Resource Officer. Mayor Rosas was an instructor at the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Academy in Jamestown, NY., where he taught “Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement”.

Mayor Rosas was one of few selected to work with the Security Team for the World University Games held in Buffalo, NY in 1993. He was also chosen to serve on the Personal Security Detail of the Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Rosello with the Governor’s Private Security Team during his visit to Albany, NY in 1994. Mayor Rosas also worked on the Security Detail of President Clinton when he came to Chautauqua Institution.

Mayor Willie Rosas received New York State’s Highest honor/Award for Community Service. Mayor Rosas was chosen for this award from amongst thousands of other candidates!

Mayor Rosas was chosen as one of very few leaders to sit down for lunch with then, First Lady, Hillary R. Clinton when she came to Dunkirk in 1999.

Upon his retirement from NYSP in 2007, Mayor Rosas began working for (C.O.I.) Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. as their Emergency Services Manager. It was here that Mayor Rosas learned how to deal with budgets. Mayor Rosas also learned how to monitor compliance of governmental contracts with all levels of government including Federal, State, and County and Municipal as well as contracts with funders of the private sector. In this position, Mayor Rosas supervised over 20 staff members throughout Chautauqua County with offices in Jamestown, Dunkirk, and Mayville. Mayor Rosas represented the agency in many different conferences and was often the lead contact person.

Mayor Rosas’ communication skills has become a strong asset as The Mayor in the City of Dunkirk. Because of the many contacts made throughout the State during his career and his gifted ability to establish strong contacts wherever he travels, Mayor Rosas maintains a strong bond with Governor Cuomo and his staff. This bond has resulted in Governor Cuomo’s huge announcement that New York State will invest $200 million dollars to bring 900 jobs to Dunkirk, NY. The City of Dunkirk has reaped the benefits of this relationship with Governor Cuomo. The Governor took the initiative to come to Dunkirk to make the personal announcement himself and noted Mayor Rosas’ involvement by acknowledging Mayor Rosas’ visit to the Governor’s mansion in Albany, NY. The announcement that the pharmaceutical company ATHENEX will be investing $1.6 BILLION dollars in Western New York brings hope and confidence that the City of Dunkirk is on the right path under the leadership of Mayor Wilfred Rosas.