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Dunkirk Dave Says It's an Early Spring!

Put your sunglasses on, Dunkirk Dave says it's going to be an early Spring!


Mayor Wdowiasz celebrated with Dunkirk Dave and his handler Bob Will this morning to find out what the weather prediction would be. All with the public, in attendance were various city staff, and County Legislator, Marcus Buchanan.
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Dunkirk Dave has been making predictions for over 50 years now and is the second longest predicting groundhog next to Puxatony Phil, and dare we say, he's more accurate. Bob Will has been rehabbing small animals and groundhogs for just as long, assisting these little creatures in getting back on their feet.

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The Mayor and the City of Dunkirk recognize the great work Bob and his little partner Dave have been doing for the area and we are proud to have his as an area local!