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Mayor Wdowiasz proclaims Monday, Jan 15th, as Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Mayor Kate Wdowiasz proclaims Monday, January 15, 2024 as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day! The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday is a day to reflect on Dr. King's legacy and the progress that has been made in the fight for civil rights but also to acknowledge the work that still needs to be done; and the Northern Chautauqua County Juneteenth Celebration Committee is sponsoring the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. luncheon with this year's theme being, "It starts with me: Shifting the cultural climate through the study and practice of Kingian nonviolence"; and MLK Day is a time for celebration and commemoration; a time for education and learning; and a time for service and volunteering to improve our community; and 
it is important to remember that the fight for civil rights is not just a one­ day event: it is a continuous struggle that requires action and commitment from everyone.