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Seasonal Road Closure - Nov 13th, 2023 Until Further Notice

ATTENTION Dunkirk - Seasonal Road Closure
Nov 13th, 2023 - Further Notice

Lakefront Blvd. between North Beagle and North Ocelot Streets has been closed for the Winter Season. The City of Dunkirk Department of Public Works has completed the placement of signage and barriers along Lakefront Blvd. as well as Pine Street North on all the side Streets in the First Ward area. Vehicles may travel North from Pine Street for local residential traffic only.


Lakefront Blvd. is closed for the Winter Season for the purpose of traffic safety. The roadway can become very slippery and impassable due to ice and snow build up from the lake overspray. The Department of Public Works will not be performing regular road clearing maintenance of Lakefront Blvd. during the Winter Season.
Operators of vehicles that pass the posted signs can be charged with a violation under the Vehicle and Traffic law and may be subject to legal liability as well. We are asking all residents to please cooperate by not driving on the roadway until the Spring when the DPW opens the roadway back up to regular traffic.

Thank you to Tim, Doug and the DPW Crew for their work on getting this completed for the upcoming winter season!