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Winter Parking Changes - Effective Nov 5th, 2023

Winter Parking Rules

Alternate and Overnight Parking regulations on streets in the City of Dunkirk will be changing in November to assist snow removal efforts during the Winter Months.
Overnight Parking rules go into effect Sunday November 5th, 2023, and stay in effect thru Saturday April 6th, 2024. For overnight regulations parking is prohibited on the following Streets from 3:30AM – 7:00AM:
• Brigham Rd. from Lakeshore Dr. South to the City Line.
Brooks Ave.
• Canary St.
• Central Ave. from City Pier to the City Line.
• Columbus Ave.
• Doughty St.
• Eagle St. between 5th & 6th Streets, between Lakeshore Dr. West & Second Street
• E. Chestnut St. from Fizell St. West to Warsaw St.
• E. 6th St. from Main St. East to Maple Ave.
• Franklin Ave. from Main St. South to Wright St.
• Franklin Ave. from Talcott St. South to City Line
• Irving Pl.
• Lakeshore Dr. from City Line to City Line.
• Lamphere St. from 7th South to City Line.
• Lark St.
• Leopard St.
• Lynx St.
• Main St. from Lakefront Blvd. South to 6th St.
• Main St. Extension from Newton St. South to City Line.
• Maple Ave. from Main St. South to Talcott St.
• Middle Rd. from Moffat St. East to City Line.
• Nichols Ave.
• North Beaver St.
• Pelican St.
• Plover St.
• Point Dr. North
• Point Dr. West
• Roosevelt Ave.
• Ruggles St. from Main St. South to Wright St.
• Taft Pl.
• Talcott St. from Roberts Rd. West to Franklin Ave.
• Temple St. from 4th. North to CSX
• 3rd St. from Main St. West to Central Ave.
• Washington Ave. from 3rd St. South to 4th St.
• 2nd St. from Brigham Rd. West to Brooks Ave.
• 7th St. from Woodrow Ave. West to Brigham Rd.
• Woodrow Ave. from Lucas Ave. North to 6th St.

All other Streets not subject to the above listed Overnight Parking are subject to Alternate Parking Regulations. The Alternate Parking Regulations change from Weekly to Daily for the Winter Months. Effective Sunday November 5th, 2023, at 5:00PM and continuing thru Saturday April 6th, 2024, vehicles shall be parked only on the Odd-Numbered side of the Street on Odd-Numbered Days and only on the Even-Numbered side of the Street on Even-Numbered Days. The date of the day after the hour of 5:00PM will determine the side which Parking is allowed. We try to give a courtesy period of time for about an hour before and after the 5:00PM changeover time but vehicles that are moved earlier than about 4PM or aren’t moved by about 6:00PM will be tagged for APO violations.

Warning notices will be issued for a short period of time after which strict enforcement will begin by issuance of Parking Summonses. Vehicles in violation of Overnight, Alternate or any other posted Regulations which hamper Snow Removal Efforts by Public Works or pose a hazard for access of Emergency Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. We also remind motorists that vehicles which block sidewalks and hamper sidewalk plowing will also be ticketed and towed if necessary. Please pay attention to City Snowplow operators and assist them with their efforts by giving them the right of way during snowstorms.
This past Winter Season saw a lot of snowfall and we thank our residents for their cooperation in getting their vehicles moved in a timely manner and look forward to their cooperation again this Winter Season. The Dunkirk Police Department is again asking for everyone’s cooperation with Parking Regulations and assisting us in making the City a safe place for all those who live, work and visit here. Any questions about parking regulations can be directed to the Communications Desk at 716-366-2266.