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Build Brooks Hospital Now!

Build Brooks Hospital Now!

Brooks Hospital, located at 529 Central Ave. has been a blessing to the City of Dunkirk with its caring staff and services over the last 100 years and more. Keeping a hospital within a reasonable distance to the local residents of the City of Dunkirk, Fredonia and the surrounding areas is paramount. The fate of what is to come for a future hospital is out of the hands of city, but the hope is to hear word on it’s moving forward in the near future is shared by various city & village officials, hospital workers and community residents.
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Mayor Rosas and the City of Dunkirk support the need for such a local medical facility with the last census data from 2020 showing the population of the city at 12,743 people, that’s a big community that requires high quality care and timely full medical services. Without a local hospital in place, many of our loved ones may face a life-or-death scenario having to commute to a farther facility. Additionally, being forced to transport individuals to distant hospitals also taxes our local responders’ capabilities for area residents.

The location of the new hospital has been debated for many years. But Thursday, leaders recognized the bigger picture, none moreso than Rosas.

“I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to be the mayor of this city, and to be here advocating for funds that may take this hospital out of our city,” Rosas said. “There is a bigger issue at hand, folks. … The hospital is in jeopardy of nonexistence. We’re talking about no hospital here in northern Chautauqua County.”

Rosas continued, “I’m not here advocating for a location of the hospital. I am here advocating for the existence of Brooks Hospital in northern Chautauqua County. I’m also calling on all the leaders in our community … to come together. This issue is going to require all of us to collaboratively send that message to our Governor that these funds are needed here. We need Brooks Hospital here.”

Please support keeping a hospital local, as everyone in the surrounding areas, have a need for such a facility.

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