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Mayor Rosas visits ImmunityBio for Update

Mayor Rosas visits ImmunityBio for a Status Update

Mayor Rosas made a visit out to ImmunityBio for status updates today. Progress is being made at the innovative facility and will be completed in a phased approach according to the ImmunityBio team. Momentum is advancing with the purchase of equipment along with installations of clean-rooms areas. Further progress will be completed in a phased approach, the first of those phases to be completed within the next 2 or 3 months. The company foresees having the need for onboarding a small amount of positions after the completion of Phase 1. Local job seekers are understandably eager, however, ImmunityBio currently has about 60 people working at the plant, and as progress is made, the need to fill new positions will increase. Project Manager, Jarrod Mills will continue to inform the Mayor of updates as advancements progress.

Katie Rapp_Mayor Rosas
Katie Rapp of ImmunityBio generously presented a check to the City of Dunkirk’s Festivals & Special Events Department, which Mayor Rosas appreciatively accepted. Their donation shows company’s dedication and intent towards supporting the local community, now and into the future.
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The building is impressively modern, clean looking and has an overall streamlined design aesthetic. The old Athenex sign still stands at the entrance, but it was assured that the new ImmunityBio sign is to make its appearance in the near future, as the design is being handled by those at the California office. The old Athenex emblem within the lobby entrance has been removed and awaits its new emblem. As with all great things, it takes time to achieve bio-technology advancements via installation of sophisticated scientific equipment and the expansion framework of such a facility, and trust us, it will be worth the wait.