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Historic Marker#122- Lafyette's Tour Trail

The City of Dunkirk honors the area’s past with another important historic marker today. Mayor Wdowiasz joined the Dunkirk Historic Society in the presentation of the new historic marker down at the City of Dunkirk Pier this morning. The marker was put in place to honor General Lafayette who on June 4, 1825, boarded the boat “Superior” headed to Buffalo with military salute honors given from both the ship and the shoreline. The marker is number 122 on The Lafayette Trail.


Diane Andrasik, city historian, gave a very educational presentation to the attending audience describing what the scene would have looked like back in that time, “Imagine what we would be seeing here in1825, 199 years ago. A mere 20 years would have had passed since the first settler arrived in the area in 1805…. Dunkirk had its permanent name for only 7 years at that time.” She went onto inform everyone that back in 1825, a Buffalo newspaper noted that the Village of Dunkirk held about 100 people at that time. Andrasik stated, “It is into that Dunkirk that on June 10,1825, the surviving General of the American Revolutionary War arrived in order to use the Dunkirk Pier to board the steam brig Superior to travel back East to Buffalo.”

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Kristin White, the Director of the Historic Society also said a few words to the crowd who attended the dedication event. Overall, it was established that Lafayette’s invitation to tour the nation by President James Monroe served two purposes: it helped celebrate the nation’s then 50th anniversary of winning its independence from Britain, and it served to remind its citizens that brutal but honorable attempt to free itself was a worthwhile one, one that was worthy of protecting and continuing even to this day.