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Mayor Rosas proclaims June 17 & 18th "Juneteenth Weekend"

Mayor Rosas proclaims June 17th & June 18th as Juneteenth Weekend!
Juneteenth 2023 Proclamation
Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States; and today, Juneteenth celebrates African American freedom and achievement, and encourages education, continuous self-development, respect for all cultures and planning for the future; and the Juneteenth Celebration Committee will sponsor the 27th annual Juneteenth Celebration on Saturday, June 17th, and Sunday, June 18th at Memorial Park with this year's theme being, "We Are The Ones to Create Change"; and people of all races, nationalities and religions will be joining hands to acknowledge a period in our history that shaped and continues to influence our society today; and he celebration will include prayer and religious services, speeches, educational events, music, food, dancing and many activities for all members of the family.


All residents in The City of Dunkirk are urged to attend the various activities and events that have been planned so that we can make significant and lasting improvements in our society.