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Nestle Purina Donates Trees to the Hazelton Dog Park

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Mayor Rosas would like to send a big thank you out to Nestle Purina for donating trees to our local dog park today. Purina Europe headed a project to make the donation and was able to help with the planting before heading home oversees. The execution of this task was helped by Purina's local HR Associate Socorro Piontka in coordination with the City of Dunkirk staff and officials. The European Purina members came from various locations around Europe and headed the much-appreciated eco-friendly project. The trees were purchased locally from Greener Gardens. The City of Dunkirk is humbled by the donation and is very happy to accept these trees for our local furry residents to enjoy! In addition to the trees, there are now 3 big visual signs showcasing the dog park rules for use. Thank you, Nestle Purina!

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Today marks a perfect time to remind everyone who has a four-legged family member to come out and utilize the Hazelton Dog Park facilities located at 855 Main Street Extension in the City of Dunkirk. There are fun things to experience light fire hydrants and an agility ramp activity. Recently water stations have been set-up for those thirsty furry members. There are even sponsored benches for owners to rest on while the animals play. County residents don't forget to register for park usage, your furry family members will thank you!

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