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Mayor Rosas Announces the 2023 Proposed Budget

2023 Budget Message 2

Mayor Rosas gave the City’s Budget Message today at Dunkirk City Hall. The new budget is an overall increase of 6% from last year’s, but that’s not a bad thing. The City will continue the use of ARPA funded projects and will follow the guidelines provided for the expenditure of these funds by the United States Treasury. The City of Dunkirk also is trying to focus on helping expand job opportunities.

The mayor stated,” As always, private investments in the City are crucial to help stabilize the economy and bring further economic development to the City of Dunkirk. Private investment in the City of Dunkirk will continue to be a priority for me and our development department as we continue to improve the economy in our community. Refresco is continuing to invest millions of dollars on their expansion project which is expected to bring in another 15 jobs into the City of Dunkirk in 2023. ECR is initiating an expansion project. They expect to invest approx. 3 million in the infrastructure of their facility. this project is expected to be completed in 2023 and will create 30 new jobs at this plant in the City of Dunkirk.”

The City’s Attorney, Rich Morrisroe, has given his notice that he will be leaving the city at the end of 2022, therefore the budget regarding that line item has been changed in order to hire a new attorney. Currently the budget for this position is only set at $45k, which doesn’t allow for a full-time position, little lone have opportunity to hire a competent replacement. Most municipalities have several hired attorneys, whereas The City of Dunkirk only allows for one, part-time position. The City of Dunkirk looks forward to finding a suitable replacement in 2023.

Additionally, the City is looking to hire an HR Director with this year’s upcoming budget and there will be some improvements throughout the City, including electric vehicle chargers, funded entirely by New York State.

2023 Budget Message 1

“The Fiscal Year 2023 Proposed Budget for the city of Dunkirk totals $26,376,325.00. The proposed budget includes 5 funds, the General Fund, the Water Fund, the Wastewater Fund, the Garbage and Refuse Fund and the Boardwalk Market Fund,” Mayor Rosas remarked. The City of Dunkirk has been notified by Chautauqua County that an increase in landfill fees is expected to be imposed on all municipal users in 2023. The amount of the increase has not been determined as of yet and hasn’t been reflected in this budget. Last week our County Executive indicated that he was lowering taxes for the County’s residents, however he didn’t mention that he will be raising the landfill fees in the County. That increase will be pushed to all the taxpayers, respectfully ion all our communities, including the City of Dunkirk. Mayor Rosas wanted to let Council Members know that an increase may be coming if the City of Dunkirk cannot absorb the related taxes.

Mayor Rosas expressed, “The residents of Dunkirk like all other American’s are feeling the effects of our current economy. I receive phone calls daily from our residents of which many are retired and live on a fixed income. The last thing I want to do is add another burden to them. Ladies and gentlemen, we will not be raising taxes next year!”