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In Recognition of a Well-Deserved Retirement

It is with pride and privilege that I recognize Jim Meyer for his many years of service to the residents of the City of Dunkirk as the “City’s Plumber/Inspector”.  Jim has been a dedicated and loyal employee; his work has been exemplary, and to fill his shoes will not be easy.  Jim was never one to grumble or complain, but rather just went about his work and did so professionally.  As a Certified Master Plumber, Jim made sure the City was well taken care of.  I wish Jim well in his retirement, he will be missed not just for his professional skills, but for the person he is.

Filling the City Plumber/Inspector position has taken some time.  After advertising, posting and interviewing for the position, our Public Works Director and Personnel Administrator completed their due diligence and recommended a man who is highly qualified and who, like Jim, holds the Certificate for a Master Plumber.  I concurred with their recommendation and am pleased to report that the position has been filled.  While we won’t have Jim looking after things, I am pleased to let our residents know that we do have a capable and experienced individual to take the reins.

I ask all of our residents and city employees to join me in wishing Jim the very best during his retirement, it is well deserved.

Good luck Jim, enjoy your retirement … but please keep in touch.
Wilfred Rosas, Mayor
City of Dunkirk