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Chief David Ortolano

David C. Ortolano has been the Chief of Police for the City of Dunkirk since February 2005. He is a veteran of the Dunkirk Police Department with over 30 years of service.

Chief Ortolano began his career in 1985 as a Patrolman and in 1997 he achieved the distinction of being the first Patrol Sergeant in department history. He was later promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2000 and remained at that rank until being promoted to Chief.

Upon becoming Chief of Police he set goals to address quality of life issues within the neighborhoods along with public safety along our very active waterfront and parks. On a day to day basis the men and women of the police department work very hard to assure these priorities are kept.

One key initiative Chief Ortolano is responsible for bringing to the City of Dunkirk is the Neighborhood Watch and National Night Out.  For the past 21 years the Chief has led the department’s Community Policing and Safety Programs. These programs and initiatives continue to be a very strong part of the police department’s crime prevention partnership with the community.

Chief Ortolano is a founding member of the Chautauqua Fallen Heroes Fund. This fund aids families of police officers, firefighters and Ems Workers who are killed or critically injured in the line of duty. To learn more or make a donation please visit:

Chief Ortolano is always available at Police Headquarters to address any concerns or issues of public safety within the community.  The direct phone number to the Chief is (716) 366-2477.