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The Dunkirk Police Department provides 24 hour support and services within the City of Dunkirk.  The principal mission of the City of Dunkirk Police Department is to preserve the rights of citizens and reduce fear in the community through the prevention of crime, protection of persons and property, and the maintenance of order in public places, and to anticipate and respond to events that threaten public order and the protection of life and property.

The department consists of 37 sworn officers and 4 civilian 911 dispatchers.  The department consists of 3 divisions Patrol, Detective, and Court each with specific roles and responsibilities.  The Patrol Division, which is the largest division, consists of 3 platoons. The direct leadership for this division is provided by the Department’s Captain and each platoon is made up of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, Desk Sergeant and 6 Patrolmen.  The Detective Division is lead by a Lieutenant and consists of 4 detectives. Currently 2 of the Detectives are assigned to the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force.  The final division is the Court Division.  This group is comprised of 2 full time officers, which are charged with providing court security both inside and outside of the courtroom, protecting the judges, court staff and the general public.

Additionally the Dunkirk Police Department partners with the Dunkirk Public School District to provide a secure educational environment. A School Resource Officer assigned to the public school system and primarily works out of the Dunkirk Senior High School; however they are available to respond as needed within the school system.

The Dunkirk Police Department seeks to preserve public confidence by demonstrating impartial service to law, and by offering service and trust to all members of the public.